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Deep Outside SFFH has gotten noticed by a lot of people, and we've had a ton of positive response from writers, publishers, and most importantly our readers. Here are some awards that we have received from like-minded sites. If you like Deep Outside SFFH, you'll like these sites which specialize in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror news, reviews, and on-line fiction.

Event Horizon: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror is an excellent site that publishes high-quality fiction and commentary. This is the collective effort of Ellen Datlow and the rest of the team that brought OMNI to the Web, and definitely worth checking out.
Exodus Magazine is a Webzine that contains short fiction, poetry, columns, and links to other reviewed sites.

Far Sector SFFH (magazine; successor of Deep Outside SFFH)
John T. Cullen (author) - Grand Central Cullen
A. L. Sirois (author)
Brian Callahan (co-founder; now in print clothing specialties)
Clocktower Books (publisher)
Dead Move (nonfiction)
Doom Spore (horror novel)
Erotic Memoir (erotica)
Dennis Latham (author)
John K. Muir (author)


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