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John K. Muir goes head to head with Big Daddy Mars from John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars.

Deep Outside SFFH and Far Sector SFFH (total run 1998-2007) have both stopped publishing, so please do not submit any material to either magazine. Thanks, and please enjoy these two museum sites that represent an important little part of the World Wide Web's early days.-JTC

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction See a listing for this magazine, along with a brief history as Deep Outside SFFH morphed into Far Sector SFFH (1998-2007). We made history, publishing both promising newbies and established names. Some had already won Nebulas and Sturgeons, or been nominated for Hugos, while others went on to win great awards. Among our many SFFH authors were (alfa order, partial list): Andrew Burt, Deborah Cannon, Joseph D'Lacey, Linda Dunn, Kameron Hurley, Jak Koke, Ted Kosmatka, Dennis Latham, Tim Pratt, A. L. Sirois, Justin Stanchfield, Paula R. Stiles, Melanie Tem, Andrew Vacchs, Pat York, and many more. The first story in 1998 and the last story in 2007 were both by A. L. Sirois. We were the first professional, SFWA rate paying, web-only online magazine of SFFH without print antecedents. We innovated, we dreamed, we had fun, and we closed shop when time was right.—John T. Cullen.
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published 09.29.2001
The Shopping Mall Killer by John Broussard

Today was going to be a good one, he assured himself. The pressure had built up since the last time, three weeks ago. Tall, clean-shaven, a rather boyish face and an athletic, muscular build obscured by a loose fitting shirt and pants; these made for an unthreatening appearance. The sling for his left arm gave him the exact aura of helplessness, which almost always paid off. And the sling was a handy place to hide the straightedge razor. He had six of the burnished lengths of steel, always treated gently, carefully honed and oiled. His favorite with the carved ivory eagle head for a handle was the one he'd decided to use today. It had splendid memories attached to it, and he'd spent almost an hour stropping it before coming out to the mall. Just a touch with it would break the flesh.

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published 08.29.2001
The Newsmoth by John G. Bentley

Deep in the wildest, most forsaken suburbs was a lively little house, all pea green with purple squiggles. Its windows blinked briskly awake and its door yawned, and a long pink welcome mat rolled out. A little boy named Derek stepped out on the porch and flapped his arms and crowed "Cocka-doodle-do!"

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published 07.31.2001
Bleeding West by Tim Pratt

Kentucky Tom Granger stood in the dust-beaten main street of a town called Tolerance and faced the Spirit of the bleeding west. Wooden buildings lined the hardpacked street, discolored to gray uniformity by the sand-laden desert winds. Tom had crossed the Arizona border to reach the town, but Tolerance was not in Arizona, or any other state, either. Tolerance was simply in the west.

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